Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DogfishHead 90 Minute

Representing Michigan State, 90 minute upset Nugget Nectar, a beer not called a IPA (technically it is an Amber apparently) but is considered one of the best seasonal ales out there. The DogfishHead is a good beer. Nothing special, just a basic IPA. The beer is like MSU. Both the beer and the team play it safe. You won't find surprising aromas or tastes in the 90 minute when you open the bottle, but you will find a beer that is good every time.

Calm, Cool, Consistant

The DFH line helped bring me into IPAs. Their availability throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania made it easy to always have one on hand. There are other big beers out there that give more complexity, but the DFH can be a beer you come back to time after time.


  1. And the upsets continue!!!!

    So I no longer have a favorite in the tourney. Sad but true.

    The only brew out of the remaining 4 I'm familiar with is the DFH 90 minute IPA and honestly, I'm of the minority who feels it's an overrated IPA. BUT, I could see 'em winning it all here.

    If anything, this tourney's got me wanting to get the F out there and try some more beer.

  2. If you havent had the Racer 5 yet, you need to get it. I am posting my comments on it later today