Sunday, March 22, 2009


My madness started at the Pickled Parrot to watch the Villanova/American game with my former roommate. I chose to enjoy a 60 minute IPA from DogfishHead (in leau of the 90 minute who is representing Memphis my Beer Bracket. The IPA went down smooth (as normal).

I then traveled over to McGoverns for the normal Thursday night brews. Duvel and a couple of Red Stripes (hey, I hadn't had it in a while and it sounded good) quenched my thirst while watching the games.

Friday night, the girl and I ate at Jack's Bistro. Along with my steak frites, I had their 3-6oz pours for $8 deal. I felt it was a good deal. Along with the Brewer's Art Ozzy and the Saison Dupont, I tried the Smuttynose Sour Cherry. the Ozzy and Dupont were good (as normal), but the Sour Cherry left much to be desired. I guess I was hoping for something else (Rodenbach Grand Cru) and I set my goals way too high. Maybe I will try it again, with realistic goals. (The food was delicious, by the way.)

Afterwards, We stopped in McGoverns, sadly there wasn't many people in there and KoolAid was bored. We stayed for a drink and went home.

As for the Beer Bracket, two this year's first round upsets( Cleveland State and Arizona- 12 and 13 seeds) are represented by Yuengling Lager and Selins Grove Sheppards Ale. Both of my favorites early on in my drinking career. Western Kentucky, who upset Illinois in the first round is represented by Cooper's Sparkling Ale. Cooper's was an addition to the bracket due to my trying it at Outback. It was a surprise to have a delicious beer at a chain restaurant. Wisconsin is being represented by Hartp. Like Harp, Wisc is doing the same thing in a slow melodic way. What ever works for them. Like my surprises in the tourney, any beers been surprises to you in your local drinking?

So far, the brews that have broken through to the Sweet Sixteen are Pilsner Urquell (Villanova), Pauwell Kwak (Duke), Rodenbach Grand Cru (UNC- shouldn't they be in the Sour 16), Murphys Irish Stout (Gonzaga), Chimay Bleue (Oklahoma), Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Memphis, after beating 2 Oskar Blues brews, Gordan and Dale's), Avery Maharaja (Purdue, surprise to me, I didn't think that Maharaja would get past the Hercules IPA), and Bear Republic Racer 5 (UCONN).

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