Thursday, March 26, 2009


Started my Wednesday Happy Hour with a Weyerbacher Echo. Good beer, it is a rye beer and you can tell. Tons of rye, but a good balance on the hops and malt. Could go for one right now.

Next I had a Corsendonk Pale Ale. I wouldn't have minded not having this. I wasn't looking for a hoppy beer, but this was over spiced to me. I would have to be in the mood to try it again.

I gave the Acme IPA a shot. After tasting this, I thought it was fine. Nothing great, nothing bad, just an ok IPA. I don't mind it at all. Then I realized it was made by North Coast Brewing. Most of what I get from North Coast starts with Old and ends with Rasputin. It is hard to judge a brewery when you are comparing an IPA to a stout, but I guess it was a little more special.

Finally, I gave the Snake Dog on cask a whirl. This was one beer I knew I wouldn't be disappointed in. I wasn't. Try it, Drink it, enjoy it. It is totally worthwhile (especially on cask).


  1. I'm just jealous you got to do Wednesday Happy Hour at Max's.

    LOL @ the "starts with Old, ends with Rasputin". That's about all I've ever had from them too.

  2. ACME's just alright. Frisco Grille had the pale and IPA recently, the pale got really bad reviews on Beer Advocate but I thought it was superior to the IPA by a good distance.

    Folks seem to love Brother Thelonious dub from North Coast. Their pilsner's alright. The Old #38 stout's alright. Haven't had Le Merle but really want to as I love the Saison style.

    Judges Bench seems to get Pranqster from them (BSPA) quite a bit, it wasn't bad. Red Seal is always popular but a bit common for my tastes.

    Not a bad overall brewery, not quite up to snuff with some of the ridiculous talents out west, but I'm glad we get them here.