Monday, March 9, 2009

Taps at the table?

The Baltimore Sun's Midnight Sun blog (by Sam Sessa) reported that Mother's in Federal Hill is getting taps placed in table, a self-serve style tap system. It charges by the ounce. Sounds like a good idea.

This has already been tried in Atlanta, GA. Last I heard, the system was working well.

"It turns out the law supports it. It's the same as putting a pitcher of beer at the table, and it actually increases monitoring," says Jeff Libby, the 26-year-old who patented the system.

BeerinBaltimore also blogged about it, stating the downfall as only having Miller Lite and Blue Moon as the beers available. I would agree that wouldn't be the best, but I feel there could be options.

If it was possible, I think the best idea would be for patrons to rent out, or reserve the table for the night. That way you would be able to get choice of beer on tap. If I was given 2 beers on tap for the night, with a group of my friends, I think it would be a hard choice. Some year round choices would be DogfishHead 90 minute, Victory Prima Pils, Troegs Hop Back, Ommegang Abbey and Guinness.

What would your choices be?

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