Friday, March 27, 2009


Dropped in to McGoverns and the Pickled Parrot last night to watch some of the late basketball games, and drank some good stuff... as well as seeing a horrible game.

McGoverns was good for some Duvel, and then a Leinenkugels "Classic Amber." I wont call it classic, but I will call it ok. Over at the Pickled Parrot, I grabbed a couple pints of Resurrection.

So many people go crazy over Resurrection. I like it, but it is not something that I need to have a million pints of. I would rather have Ozzy, thank you Jack's Bistro for normally having it on tap. Resurrection could be a little sweeter, then maybe I would like it. I am not saying it is bad, because it is good, but it is not totally my thing.

What is your opinion on Resurrection? other Brewers' Art beers?


  1. I'm with ya. Resurrection is good, but I don't go nuts for it like some folks. I also think the limited quantities of it being shipped help buy into the hype. I'd also rather have an Ozzy.

    btw, the Ozzy you get in a bottle (brewed by Sly Fox in PA) tastes much better than the Ozzy on tap at Brewer's Art (brewed on-site). Just my opinion of course. Would love to hear other people's comparisons.

  2. I adore Resurrection, but I've gotten spoiled in that its on tap at Frisco Grille and Greene Turtle all the time and I usually go to BA at least once a month anyway, and I know I can find it at say, John Steven Ltd. and sweat away a hot summer afternoon there with a pint of that no problem.

    I liked it more when I first drank it, but seriously its still way up there on my list.