Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some News

Back in good old PA, Distributers are fighting with supermarkets over Wegmans right to sell beer. I am not too sure what I think, A) I want to buy beer in the supermarket B) Distributers are a business too that became because of law. Who knows, Give me beer in the Market!

Attention! Don't call 911 if your roommate is stealing your beer.

A Tampa, FL woman is now in jail because of it.
The police report goes on to say, "The defendant called 911 on 3 different occasions to complain about her roommate taking her beer and to complain that she didn't call 911. While yelling, she upset her neighbor and woke up her children. She then attempted to physically resist arrest."
She was arrested due to waking up the neighbor. She seems smart.

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