Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yesterday, and every Wednesday

On most Wednesdays, I head to Max's on Broadway after work for the pint night. Many nights they have a good beer, and you keep their pint glass (I have over 60 pint glasses). Last night was a nice night.

The pint of the week was the Sam Adams White Ale. I am not a huge fan of Sam Adams, but I enjoyed the White Ale very much. Probably my favorite of all the beers that I have tried from them. (I have had the Utopias, I was not thrilled.) But the white ale came out good. Also, they gave us the "lager" glass that they spent money on developing. Happy to have it and not pay $10 for it.

While there I was able to sample a few other beers. First off, I was happy to see the Sierra Nevada Harvest (Chico, CA) on tap. I was looking forward to trying this "wet hop" beer. The hops were sent directly from harvesting to the brewery, ensuring the freshest hops were used. (Hence they were still wet.) Delicious fresh taste. Not over hopped. Definately came from the same recipe as their Pale Ale, the Harvest had more of a flowery taste to it. I will be having more.

Finally, I had an Aprilhop from the Dogfish Head Brewery (Dover, DE). It was hard to get past the nose, as the scent was not the most appealing for me, but the brew tasted delicious. If needed, I would drink more, but would rather a 60 or 90 minute IPA.

What has anyone else have?

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