Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Bracket, updated

The quest to find my beer for 2009, is down to the final 16. Playing along with the NCAA Basketball tournament, some early favorites have been beaten.

In the Domestic East, Victory's Hop Wallop lost early to Yuengling, proving even the old boys can still play. Selin's Grove Brewing (of The Brew Pub to me) also advanced over Snake Dog from Flying Dog, formerly of Colorado, now Frederick, Maryland. Also of note, the stouts faired well against the grain. Most would think the heavier beer would have sunk to the bottom, while 5 of the 9 advanced to the second round, and 2 are in the Sweet 16.

As for me, when the tournament starts back up on Wednesday, I think I will have a Racer 5, since its running mate (UCONN) has been as dominant as ever.


  1. Some upsets here that shouldn't have happened!!!

  2. Hey, I dont pick the upsets, I just go with the flow. Who are you (were you) rooting for?

  3. I was rooting for a #14 seed (North Coast Old Rasputin) to upset the overrated #3 seed (Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

    The Brooklyn Chocolate Stout vs. the Ommegang Abbey Ale was a tough matchup. Not sure how I would've went with that one.

    Harp over Duvel? What happened Duvel?!?
    Good to see the Mad Bitch put and end to Harp's madness though.

    I'm sad to see the 11th seeded Maredsous 10 get knocked out in the 1st round by Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout.

    Most intriguing first round matchup was the Lucifer vs. Delirium Tremens. And then Chimay Blue vs. Delirium. Tough bracket!!

    If I had to pick a favorite in this Sweet 16, it would be the De Dolle, the Ommegang, Kwak and Chimay. I'd say Nugget Nectar too but they might be sliiiightly overrated.

    Sad to see no Southern Tier or more Stone brews made the tourney.

    Looking forward to the rest of the "games"!

  4. Old Rasputin was placed a #14 seed because I just dont get to drink it enough. As for the Southern Tier, that was just a screwup by me to not have something of theirs on the bracket, unearthly is absolutely delicious. Maybe I will do a post on Post-bracket omisions. As for more Stone, I like their stuff. Arrogant Bastard is another favorite. As I was putting the bracket together (which was about a one night ordeal) I kept running into a problem, I like too much. So I tried to limit what I placed on from each brewery to 2. In reality, I would love for the NCAA to have a 256 team bracket so I could get more beer on.