Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bear Republic Racer 5

UConn came into the tournament as a favorite to go to the Final Four. Racer 5 is a favorite to land in my fridge. Connection? Yes.

Racer 5, from Bear Republic, may be the smoothest IPA I have ever tried. Very easy to drink, and delicious to boot. The beer is overflowing with hops. This beer was introduced to me through a hop-loving friend that made me take a sip. This golden/orangish beer pours with a foamy head. The aroma hits you right away. The hops pour through your mouth, and continue to linger.

If I could only have one IPA (or maybe one beer) in my fridge, I would have to consider this beer. What would be in your fridge? What do you think of Racer 5, Bear Republic? (Yes, I do love Hop Rod Rye, as well as their Red Rocket)

1 comment:

  1. I love him. I find him hard to resist when I see him. Damn, I love him so much, dat Racer 5.