Wednesday, April 8, 2009

That's Not Baseball...

Baseball. Some call it America's Pastime. All I think is a warm night, a hotdog and a cold beer. What is better than that. Sitting in centerfield at Camden Yards, drinking some Clipper City. Yelling to KoolAde (a vendor friend) to get a hotdog. That is baseball. Families come to the game. What do they buy? Hotdogs, cotton candy, fries and the dads drink beer (so they can put up with the kids).

But not in Canada. Beer was banned for the Detroit Tigers v. Toronto Blue Jays game last night. I cannot express how wrong that is. I hate that there are people who ruin it for others,

This is the reason:

The clubhouses were cleared of booze, too, after the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario suspended the liquor license at Rogers Centre for three dates because of past infractions. The stadium will also be dry April 21 when Toronto plays Texas and for a Canadian Football League game Aug. 1.

The Blue Jays' 12-5 win Monday was delayed nine minutes in the eighth
inning when fans threw two baseballs in the direction of Detroit left
fielder Josh Anderson and tossed a handful of paper planes and empty beer
cups onto the field.

I can't say I don't blame the Alcohol and Gaming Commission for it. I would be mad if I got there and couldn't grab a brew, but I would eventually understand. I have yelled at players/refs/coaches, but I would never throw something on the field.

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