Monday, April 6, 2009

Taming of the Brew

The Taming of the Brew is a fundraiser to support the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensamble. They limit the tickets, creating demand, but also giving the participants a chance to sample a wider range of beers. (No 10 , or even 3, person lines.) The TotB also has area restaurants participate. Along with the beer and food, there was a presenter who gave a history of beer as well as samples. (I am sorry, I forgot my camera. I was not pleased with myself.)

There were some nice surprises, good beer and good food. It was a really nice night.

Bullfrog Brewery (Williamsport, PA) didn't bring the Edgar IPA (I was a little disappointed) but did have Houblonium P-38. They call it a Belgian-inspired IPA, and it was just as good. If anyone ever gets up to the Little League World Series, or if they are just looking for a trip, Bullfrog is a must stop. Good food, Great Beer.

Sly Fox released their Odyssey at 10. The Odyssey is an Imperial IPA. Very well balanced. Not the super hopped up IPA that I normally drink, but it was very tasty. I wish I could enjoy this beer more. Also of note, Sly Fox bottle the Brewer's Art beers. I thanked them for that.

And finally, the surprise of the evening was Ommegang. Their taps, Hennipin, Witte and Rare Vos, are all great beers. But I was hoping for a little more. Last year, I was able to introduce some of my friends to Three Philosophers. This year I was hoping for Ommegeddon, Rouge, Friut or something else. (As long as it wasn't Ale 2009. Obamagang is aweful. Some people may like it, but it is aweful. The guys at the TotB from Ommegang agreed with me.) What they did have, at 10 o'clock, was a Cave-Aged Three Philosophers (I missed out on it) and a Cave-Aged Abbey. It blew me away. So many different flavors than the regular Abbey. I am going to start searching for the beer this week. Hopefully, I will be able to find a couple of bottles.


  1. Sounds awesome.
    Where was this exactly?

  2. It was held in my hometown of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. It is 3 hours directly north of Baltimore. Small college town of about 10,000. One good beer bar in the town. It sold out in 28 minutes this year. I forgot to link their website to it, so I will do that now.