Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pint Glasses

When I initially moved to Baltimore. My friend, now roommate, informed me of Max's Pint Night. I stop by after work most Wednesdays, and I would do it just for the beer. The pint glass has been a treat.

Last night, I was able to pick up a Sierra Nevada Harvest pint glass. It was the pint of the night at Max's. I followed the Harvest with a couple of Nugget Nectars. One on tap and another from the cask. I am not looking forward to when the kegs run dry. I enjoy the Wednesday Pint Night.

Looking at the 65+ pint glasses is usually fin as well. Thinking about the beer that came in them, as well as the uniqueness of the glass. From German mugs to tall Hefe glassware to a simple pint glass with a brewers logo on it, each glass gives me thoughts on their beer. And it is nice to drink a X beer in and X pint glass. There are some pint glasses that may never be filled with their beer again. Off the top of my head I can think of Dos Equis, Miller Lite (I didn't have miller, it was an O's glass though) and Peroni.

My favorite glass that I picked up was a Amstel Light glass. It is basically a wine style glass, with detailing on the stem and around the rim. The glass is thin, which makes it extremely light. Overall it is a clean, good looking glass. I would post a picture, but after its last use, yours truly dropped it on the counter. Stupid me.

There is always the debate over which pint glass to use for what beer. If it is glass, then I will use it. I don't segregate when it comes to glassware. I could use a tumbler for an Belgian as well as a wine glass for a stout. Will it change the taste/texture... maybe, but not enough for me to decide on whether I like the beer.

What is your opinion on glassware? Do you have a beer glass at home?


  1. I've definitely turned into a glassware nerd.

    I always pair each style of brew with its recommended type of glass.

    If I'm about to open a Belgian tripel, I'll reach for my goblet or snifter.

    IPA, the 'ol pint glass will do.

    Max's Pint Night is very cool. I don't know where I'd store 60+ pint glasses though!!!

  2. Actually, I'd love to collect pint glass of with the design of different companies, bands and etc. Just like you have right now which is Sierra Nevada Harvest pint glass and your so lucky that you got one.