Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday at Max's...

I was poured a Nugget Nectar as soon as I walked into Max's yesterday.  Can't beat it.  Otter Creek was the pint night, but even though I don't mind their beer, there was just too much on the rest of the list.  Nugget Nectar was followed by Oliver's Biere de Garde.  Although I was intrigued by the Farmhouse ale moniker, it failed to live up to my expectations.  It was a very good beer, but I was looking for some great Belgian farmhouse ale from a very good English style company (I do enjoy many Oliver beers, but this, while good, is thankfully not their full time beer). 

I finished the night with a Leroy Paulus Flemish Red.  I was looking for a sour bomb to finish the night, and what I got was a creamy beer that had a little sourness and tartness.  Thicker in the mouth than I wanted, with a bready taste, not the slightest bit of hops and mild mild acidity.  The best that I can say is that it has a slightly unique taste and was very easy to drink.  I don't know if I would have another, but maybe suggest it for someone breaking into sours.

What have you had lately?


  1. I recently got a variety pack of Butternuts Beer & Ale. First up was the Pork Slap Pale Ale. This is an outstanding Pale Ale perfectly balanced with a good hop taste with some bready malts to back it up. Second was the Snapper IPA. A good IPA but not great. It has a solid malt backbone to go woth all the hops but it was lacking the big hop aroma I am used to. Third was the Moo Moo Stout. I am not a huge stout fan but this was not bad at all. It didn't have a real big roasted flavor which I only like in imperial Stouts. Not a bad stout at all. Fourth and final one was the Weissenbier a German Hef. I am not a fan of the bananna and clove flavor from the yeast but I have had worse. Not bad but not that good either. German hef's just aren't my style. All in all Butternuts gets a B+. Everyone should try the Pork Slap at least once. The art work on the cans was nice too.

  2. I heard that they weren't the best, but not bad. Haven't had them yet. I might grab some just for the cans.