Monday, March 1, 2010

A Tea Beer...

I was able to complete my search for a beer brewed with tea, when I stepped into Jack's Bistro last Thursday.  As I posted earlier when Jack's email list came out:
I posted a question on twitter the other day, why aren't beers brewed with tea. I couldn't think of any at that moment. @cauderus mentioned Sah'tea from Dogfish Head, @beertodd mentioned brewers preference,as well as some are brewed with green tea and said some tea would get tannic and astringent when boiled (he is the brewer at Copper Canyon in Michigan). Low and behold Jack's has a beer brewed with tea on their new tap list. I will have to get down to try it out.
After trying to get down and get the BFM (Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes) Tarry Suchong, I was thrilled to finally have a pint in front of me.  The beer did not disappoint.  As I tweeted:

Nothing stands out in the nose. A bit of fruit and a little sour tartness. Taste gives way to a tart, slightly smoky tea flavor. Smooth and extremely drinkable. I will get down here to try it again.

My senses are not the most refined, but nothing stood out.  There was a tad bit of sourness, backed by a tart, smokey flavor, if you can picture that.  It was different.  I would love to get down and try another.

Jack's Bistro's Thursday beer dinner totally stole the show.  First course was an Italian cheese dip, followed by a not so spicy shrimp stir fry.  They paired it with a Boulder Mojo Risin' Double IPA.  The beer was good, the food was better.  I would recommend stopping down to check out their beer dinners, as they make delicious food, and pair it perfectly with an appropriate beer.

On a side note, my local pub, Mike McGovern's, has Sierra Nevada Glissade on tap, as well as carrying Stone Ruination and Dogfish Head Midas Touch in bottles.  They normally don't have the largest selection, but carry the basics- which is good enough for me.

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