Tuesday, March 31, 2009

DogfishHead 90 Minute

Representing Michigan State, 90 minute upset Nugget Nectar, a beer not called a IPA (technically it is an Amber apparently) but is considered one of the best seasonal ales out there. The DogfishHead is a good beer. Nothing special, just a basic IPA. The beer is like MSU. Both the beer and the team play it safe. You won't find surprising aromas or tastes in the 90 minute when you open the bottle, but you will find a beer that is good every time.

Calm, Cool, Consistant

The DFH line helped bring me into IPAs. Their availability throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania made it easy to always have one on hand. There are other big beers out there that give more complexity, but the DFH can be a beer you come back to time after time.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Beers- Pilsner Urquell

Pilsner Urquell, Rodenbach Grand Cru, DogfishHead 90 Minute, and Racer 5 remain in my Beer Bracket. It leaves me to comment on these beers and my connection with each.

When I first started drinking, which is late compared to most of my friends, I tried everything I could find to see what I liked. One beer that I like, but always seemed snobbish was Pilsner Urquell. I think it had something to do with the name. I don't always drink enough pilsners. I feel that I kind of black balled them; It might be the color. I just don't like the looks of it. Pale yellow bleh. Give me something darker. But that is kind of like the team Pilsner Urquell represents on my bracket. I don't like the look of them, they seemed boring to me. Then comes the tourny and I remember why I placed the as a 3 seed. Both PU and Nova, clean, clear, and consistent. The Wildcats are having a good run, thanks to the Pilsner.

Other Pilsners that I am fond of are the Victory Prima Pils and Bel Pils. What are some other good pilsners out there that I should try?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Final Four

The Final Four for the Beer Bracket comes down to DogfishHead 90 Minute, Bear Republic Racer 5, Pilsner Urquell, and Rodenbach GrandCru.

All Four I would have at most times of any day. I am happy with these wins.

Coast to coast

I made watching the Villanova/Pitt thriller last night a little better by starting off the second half with a bottle of Delirium Nocturnum. The beer tasted very sweet. I was thinking raisins and cherries. I don't know if the beer is that good, or I enjoy the little pink elephants that much. Anyone have it, have thoughts on it?

I followed up the Delirium with a couple of Resurrections. Again, it isn't my favorite, but it is a good beer, so I will drink it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Updated bracket

Games today are Racer 5 v Dead Guy (UCONN v Mizz) at 4:48. Then at 7:05, it is Guinness v Pilsner Urquell. (Pitt v Nova)

Who will prevail to get to the Final Four?

Friday, March 27, 2009


Dropped in to McGoverns and the Pickled Parrot last night to watch some of the late basketball games, and drank some good stuff... as well as seeing a horrible game.

McGoverns was good for some Duvel, and then a Leinenkugels "Classic Amber." I wont call it classic, but I will call it ok. Over at the Pickled Parrot, I grabbed a couple pints of Resurrection.

So many people go crazy over Resurrection. I like it, but it is not something that I need to have a million pints of. I would rather have Ozzy, thank you Jack's Bistro for normally having it on tap. Resurrection could be a little sweeter, then maybe I would like it. I am not saying it is bad, because it is good, but it is not totally my thing.

What is your opinion on Resurrection? other Brewers' Art beers?

Michael Jackson

Today would have been his birthday, so get out, and have a good beer.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Started my Wednesday Happy Hour with a Weyerbacher Echo. Good beer, it is a rye beer and you can tell. Tons of rye, but a good balance on the hops and malt. Could go for one right now.

Next I had a Corsendonk Pale Ale. I wouldn't have minded not having this. I wasn't looking for a hoppy beer, but this was over spiced to me. I would have to be in the mood to try it again.

I gave the Acme IPA a shot. After tasting this, I thought it was fine. Nothing great, nothing bad, just an ok IPA. I don't mind it at all. Then I realized it was made by North Coast Brewing. Most of what I get from North Coast starts with Old and ends with Rasputin. It is hard to judge a brewery when you are comparing an IPA to a stout, but I guess it was a little more special.

Finally, I gave the Snake Dog on cask a whirl. This was one beer I knew I wouldn't be disappointed in. I wasn't. Try it, Drink it, enjoy it. It is totally worthwhile (especially on cask).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some News

Back in good old PA, Distributers are fighting with supermarkets over Wegmans right to sell beer. I am not too sure what I think, A) I want to buy beer in the supermarket B) Distributers are a business too that became because of law. Who knows, Give me beer in the Market!

Attention! Don't call 911 if your roommate is stealing your beer.

A Tampa, FL woman is now in jail because of it.
The police report goes on to say, "The defendant called 911 on 3 different occasions to complain about her roommate taking her beer and to complain that she didn't call 911. While yelling, she upset her neighbor and woke up her children. She then attempted to physically resist arrest."
She was arrested due to waking up the neighbor. She seems smart.

Washington Post

I don't know how I missed this until today, but the Washington Post has been running Beer Madness. It is a bracket that places beer vs beer, with a panel of judges chosing the victors. Apparently, this has gone on for the past 2 years at the Post. The Brickskeller hosts the blind competition.

I go to the Post's website everyday and can't believe I missed this. Anyone see this? Any other Beer Brackets I should know about?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bracket omisions

As pointed out by Brad, I have missed breweries for the Bracket. This is my mistake. If you feel there should be other beers on the list, please say so. I probably like them, just didn't get through all of the breweries in my mild while putting the bracket together.

Southern Tier was a mistake. Unearthly should be on the bracket, maybe a 3-4 seed. Good stuff. Other breweries around that came to me afterwards were Harpoon, Smuttynose (although I am not the biggest fan of their brews) and New Belgium (I don't get it enough).

Next year I think I will have a personal drink off, starting a month or so before hand.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Bracket, updated

The quest to find my beer for 2009, is down to the final 16. Playing along with the NCAA Basketball tournament, some early favorites have been beaten.

In the Domestic East, Victory's Hop Wallop lost early to Yuengling, proving even the old boys can still play. Selin's Grove Brewing (of The Brew Pub to me) also advanced over Snake Dog from Flying Dog, formerly of Colorado, now Frederick, Maryland. Also of note, the stouts faired well against the grain. Most would think the heavier beer would have sunk to the bottom, while 5 of the 9 advanced to the second round, and 2 are in the Sweet 16.

As for me, when the tournament starts back up on Wednesday, I think I will have a Racer 5, since its running mate (UCONN) has been as dominant as ever.


My madness started at the Pickled Parrot to watch the Villanova/American game with my former roommate. I chose to enjoy a 60 minute IPA from DogfishHead (in leau of the 90 minute who is representing Memphis my Beer Bracket. The IPA went down smooth (as normal).

I then traveled over to McGoverns for the normal Thursday night brews. Duvel and a couple of Red Stripes (hey, I hadn't had it in a while and it sounded good) quenched my thirst while watching the games.

Friday night, the girl and I ate at Jack's Bistro. Along with my steak frites, I had their 3-6oz pours for $8 deal. I felt it was a good deal. Along with the Brewer's Art Ozzy and the Saison Dupont, I tried the Smuttynose Sour Cherry. the Ozzy and Dupont were good (as normal), but the Sour Cherry left much to be desired. I guess I was hoping for something else (Rodenbach Grand Cru) and I set my goals way too high. Maybe I will try it again, with realistic goals. (The food was delicious, by the way.)

Afterwards, We stopped in McGoverns, sadly there wasn't many people in there and KoolAid was bored. We stayed for a drink and went home.

As for the Beer Bracket, two this year's first round upsets( Cleveland State and Arizona- 12 and 13 seeds) are represented by Yuengling Lager and Selins Grove Sheppards Ale. Both of my favorites early on in my drinking career. Western Kentucky, who upset Illinois in the first round is represented by Cooper's Sparkling Ale. Cooper's was an addition to the bracket due to my trying it at Outback. It was a surprise to have a delicious beer at a chain restaurant. Wisconsin is being represented by Hartp. Like Harp, Wisc is doing the same thing in a slow melodic way. What ever works for them. Like my surprises in the tourney, any beers been surprises to you in your local drinking?

So far, the brews that have broken through to the Sweet Sixteen are Pilsner Urquell (Villanova), Pauwell Kwak (Duke), Rodenbach Grand Cru (UNC- shouldn't they be in the Sour 16), Murphys Irish Stout (Gonzaga), Chimay Bleue (Oklahoma), Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Memphis, after beating 2 Oskar Blues brews, Gordan and Dale's), Avery Maharaja (Purdue, surprise to me, I didn't think that Maharaja would get past the Hercules IPA), and Bear Republic Racer 5 (UCONN).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Pat's

Hope everyone has a safe St Patty's Day. I downed Smithwicks and a little Jamison. Can't complain too much, since I'm not a little bit Irish.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Did you fill out your Beer Bracket?

With the NCAA men's (and women's) basketball tournament starting Thursday, I started thinking about beer (obviously!). What would my Final Four be? my Elite Eight? my Sweet Sixteen? my bracket? So I started to think about it.

I took a NCAA bracket and replaced the schools with some of my favorite beer. (And no I have not had all the beer in the world, so this list is from my small existence on the face of the earth.)

I will track the teams that should be in the spot, to see how each beer plays out. I am hoping it is an all #1 Final Four. I split the bracket up with Domestics on the left and Foreigns on the right. The Domestics are broken between the East (east of the Mississippi) and West (west of the ole miss). Some problems occured. For example, Abita is north of New Orleans. Does that place it on the east or west side? Anywho, it is on the east side, but I had a great #9 seed for it on the west side, so it is now west. The Foreigns are randomly placed, as I was trying to give the beer I liked better, a better seed.

My number 1 seeds are: Troeg's Nugget Nectar (East), Bear Republic Racer 5 (West), Rodenbach Grand Cru and Guinness. What would yours be?

Click on the about Bracket to see mine.

St. DogfishSierraRougeStone Day

Down at McGoverns last Thursday and Saturday, I choose the ever faithful Duvel (thursday) and Guinness (Saturday). Both days after getting my first beer, the Guinness tap ran dry as I was ordering one. As they were replacing it, I decided to not wait and have a Murphys. Oh how I always forget about Murphys. The lovely black beauty. Simple stout, most would compare with any other Irish stout, but for some reason I always get a little more taste out of it, compared to a Guinness. Delicious. And never forget, Tomorrow is irish beer day.

Who is the patron saint of IPA's? When is their day?
If there was a patron saint of IPA's, I would have to guess it would be Saint DogfishSierraRogueStoneTroegs Day. He sounds like a good guy. Maybe a little Racer 5 tangled in between. But you can't forget that midwest Bell's Two Hearted Ale (I would through Victory in there, but Victory Day, I believe, is already taken). Whne would this day take place?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday No-Pint night

Yesterday, after work I met Eric at Max's to grab a beer. It was their pint night, so we usually come home with some new glassware, but the beer du jour was Blue Moon Honey Moon. Which in my honest opinion, it is bad. To be completely honest, I don't like anything Blue Moon makes. (That could be due to Blue Moon being a Molson Coors beer.)

So the bartender looked at me and said one word: "Nugget?" He meant Troeg's Nugget Nectar, which I believe is the most delicious beer made. As my pint was poured, Eric came in, and didn't order the NN. He chose to go with the Sierra Nevada Harvest (wet hop). His reasoning made sense. Go up in hoppiness. Both beers when down well (he had the NN second, I had the Harvest.)

After those two hoppy beers we knew what we were getting into. The Victory Hop Wallop was up next. Many people consider this to be the most bitter beer they have had... so have I. And that is not to mention the 8.5% that goes with it. Victory does not list and IBU for the Hop Wallop, but I would bet it is above 120 ibus. (For comparison the Sierra Nevada is at 60-65, the NN comes in at 90ish). It is quite a mouthful.

I love beer that is as hoppy as it gets. The NN is different though. Whether it is the hops used or how they brew it, I have always felt the bitterness was there, but it was more of a sweet hoppiness, so sweet you can almost taste it through the nose. I have found it very attractive. I have heard that some people get bad brews out of the bottle from this beer, I never have.

Anyone else like extremely hoppy beers? Which beers do you like that are hoppy?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Taps at the table?

The Baltimore Sun's Midnight Sun blog (by Sam Sessa) reported that Mother's in Federal Hill is getting taps placed in table, a self-serve style tap system. It charges by the ounce. Sounds like a good idea.

This has already been tried in Atlanta, GA. Last I heard, the system was working well.

"It turns out the law supports it. It's the same as putting a pitcher of beer at the table, and it actually increases monitoring," says Jeff Libby, the 26-year-old who patented the system.

BeerinBaltimore also blogged about it, stating the downfall as only having Miller Lite and Blue Moon as the beers available. I would agree that wouldn't be the best, but I feel there could be options.

If it was possible, I think the best idea would be for patrons to rent out, or reserve the table for the night. That way you would be able to get choice of beer on tap. If I was given 2 beers on tap for the night, with a group of my friends, I think it would be a hard choice. Some year round choices would be DogfishHead 90 minute, Victory Prima Pils, Troegs Hop Back, Ommegang Abbey and Guinness.

What would your choices be?

Last Thursday

Last Thursday, I stopped down at McGovern's for a pint. I enjoyed a Smithwicks to start. They have 6 taps and a good assortment of bottles. Harp, Smithwicks, and Guinness are always on tap, and Boddingtons is normally there as well. The other 2 are rotated. Currently Magic Hat's #9 is on, and Grolsch is on the way.

After the Smithwicks, I chose to go with a Duvel bottle. I feel this is a classic Belgium style strong ale. One of my favorites.

Nice beer on a nice night.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Yesterday, and every Wednesday

On most Wednesdays, I head to Max's on Broadway after work for the pint night. Many nights they have a good beer, and you keep their pint glass (I have over 60 pint glasses). Last night was a nice night.

The pint of the week was the Sam Adams White Ale. I am not a huge fan of Sam Adams, but I enjoyed the White Ale very much. Probably my favorite of all the beers that I have tried from them. (I have had the Utopias, I was not thrilled.) But the white ale came out good. Also, they gave us the "lager" glass that they spent money on developing. Happy to have it and not pay $10 for it.

While there I was able to sample a few other beers. First off, I was happy to see the Sierra Nevada Harvest (Chico, CA) on tap. I was looking forward to trying this "wet hop" beer. The hops were sent directly from harvesting to the brewery, ensuring the freshest hops were used. (Hence they were still wet.) Delicious fresh taste. Not over hopped. Definately came from the same recipe as their Pale Ale, the Harvest had more of a flowery taste to it. I will be having more.

Finally, I had an Aprilhop from the Dogfish Head Brewery (Dover, DE). It was hard to get past the nose, as the scent was not the most appealing for me, but the brew tasted delicious. If needed, I would drink more, but would rather a 60 or 90 minute IPA.

What has anyone else have?

What this is

I am going to post about the beer I try. I am not a beer geek, or a beer snob. I know what I like, and hope others can like some of the same beers. Most of the time, I am a IPA, or another super hopped up beer type of person, but I do enjoy most styles (other than the american light beers).If you do read this, please post your own favorite beer.Gracias.