Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nectar of the Gods- Troegs Nugget Nectar

It is the greatest time of year. That time when something so great gets released into the wild. It is kind of like the DNR stocking the streams with fish. The anticipation builds, and finally, we are able to go at it.

It is Troegs Nugget Nectar season.  Sure, some people like the overpriced Bell’s Hopslam- I am not saying it isn’t good, because it is great. But for me to save a bit of money and to get a beer that I like more, it is priceless.

I fell in love with Nugget Nectar 5 years ago. At that time, I was just getting my head into the craft beer waters. This was a new beer on tap that sounded intriguing, and it was from Troegs, so I had to try it. I have been immersed in its glory ever since.

The “Imperial Amber” looks, smells and tastes like heaven. Sure it isn’t for everyone, if you don’t like hops, it isn’t for you. The blast of bitterness, aroma and taste can dissuade many from the drink, but for me it pulls me in; makes me open a second bottle; helps me realize why I do love craft beer. It is everything that I could ask for. For me, this is the one beer to have on a deserted island.

So if you see it on the shelves, on tap or if you are lucky enough to be where a firkin is available, grab yourself a Nugget Nectar.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Session #60- Growlers!

The 60th issue of The Session is hosted by the Washington Beer Blog, who feels that growlers deserve their due:
These days people take growlers for granted. In my neck of the woods, growlers are a relatively new phenomenon. I don’t recall exactly when they appeared on the local beer scene but it could not have been more than eight or ten years ago. Maybe they existed in obscurity before. My memory fails me. Today growlers are everywhere. I think. Growlers are very common around the Pacific Northwest, anyway. I cannot speak to their popularity elsewhere. I’d love to know.

Tell us about your growler collection. Tell us why you love growlers or why you hate them. What is the most ridiculous growler you’ve ever seen? Tell us about your local growler filling station. Ever suffer a messy growler mishap? Anything related to growlers is acceptable.
When it comes to Growlers, I love them.  Not on the same level as my brother, who has what it seems like a shrine to them in his basement, but in the "I love the taste of draft beer at home" way. Growlers, for those who do not know, are bottles that are filled with draft beer to go.

What I absolutely love about growlers is that it gives brewpubs the ability to sell beer to people to enjoy at home without installing a bottle line or hand bottling.  One of my favorite places on earth to drink beer, Selin's Grove Brewing, sells most of their beer to go in growlers (only select rarities, cask and beers on nitrogen are not sold in growlers). This has allowed me to share their goodness with many people who haven't come close to Selinsgrove, PA. 

Growlers also allow the brewpubs to capitalize on their customers who come and try the sampler. When my brothers (and sometimes I) try the sampler at a brewpub, he finds the beer he likes the most and takes a growler home with him.  This helps increase sales for the brewpub, as well as allowing him to enjoy the beer a second time (which would/could lead him to returning).

Overall, I find that it is a win-win for brewpubs to have growlers and support their use.

*While I do love being able to take home beer from bars that sell in growlers, I felt that the mutual benefit of both the brewpubs and consumers was more important to write about.