Monday, March 16, 2009

St. DogfishSierraRougeStone Day

Down at McGoverns last Thursday and Saturday, I choose the ever faithful Duvel (thursday) and Guinness (Saturday). Both days after getting my first beer, the Guinness tap ran dry as I was ordering one. As they were replacing it, I decided to not wait and have a Murphys. Oh how I always forget about Murphys. The lovely black beauty. Simple stout, most would compare with any other Irish stout, but for some reason I always get a little more taste out of it, compared to a Guinness. Delicious. And never forget, Tomorrow is irish beer day.

Who is the patron saint of IPA's? When is their day?
If there was a patron saint of IPA's, I would have to guess it would be Saint DogfishSierraRogueStoneTroegs Day. He sounds like a good guy. Maybe a little Racer 5 tangled in between. But you can't forget that midwest Bell's Two Hearted Ale (I would through Victory in there, but Victory Day, I believe, is already taken). Whne would this day take place?

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