Saturday, March 27, 2010

Budvar vs. Selin's Grove Scottish

The first Elite Eight game is between Busweiser Budvar and Selin's
Grove Scottish. Budvar is a great pilsner style lager brewer in the
Czech Republic. Selin's Grove is one of the top brew pubs in the
country, yet the brew pub is in a town of about 10,000 residents, not
near any large cities (about 30 minutes from Harrisburg,PA) so it
stuggles to get their name out.

That is fine, more beer for those if us that get to the pub. The
Scottish ale was one of the first beers to pull me in to craft brew,
as I went to college in Selinsgrove and would hang out at the brewpub
on the weekends.

Many people confuse Budvar with the American Budweiser (I was one od
them), but at one taste, they see what a quality beer Budvar is. It
is a nice clean lager that is perfect on a hot day (I like pilsners
after yard work).

I am cheering for the Scottish ale, as it has more of a personal
meaning to me. What beer are you going with?

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