Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Tradition Unlike Any Other...

This year was the first time in a couple that I did not attend a Masters practice round. Two years ago it was the Monday practice round. I remember walking onto the course, seeing all that green at 8 a.m. Never did I imagine that it was that green, that perfect, and that (Ugh!) hilly. The television broadcast does not give the hills justice. Up and down. When you walk around the course, you are sore, tired and just feel beaten up. No matter how sore you are you leave amazed at its beauty, especially Monday, at 8. The best conditions, no one was on the course except Tiger, who started before the crowd was let in. Augusta National has crazy elevation changes. That day will always stick in my mind.

Last year was a let down. We went for the Wednesday practice round and the Par 3 tournament. The tournament was neat, but they pack everyone that would be out watching the course onto a packed par 3 course. We were still able to get a seat and view some of the shots. The highlight of that day was seeing Jack and Gary Player out on the course before the Par 3. (Also seeing KJ Choi and Justin Leonard running with their kids from the tee to the green. Leonard's daughters thought it would be fun to roll onto the green, so they did. Classic family moment.)

Where does this pull in beer? It is golf, and golf goes with beer. Augusta National is pristine. You do not put trash on the ground. The food is as cheap as it gets, one dollar for a bag of chips, $1.50 for a ham sandwich, a buck for a candy bar and, get this, $3 for a Heinekin. Where are you able to get a $3 beer at an event that huge. They don't care about the money, but you better not miss the trash can.

Anyhow, Tiger will win. That is what he does. Go on, be a Tiger.

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