Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

What would make a green beer?

It takes so much energy to make it, store it and ship it, I would think it would be hard to consider any green. Organics like Wolevers are doing their best to be environmentally friendly. I like Wolever's IPA, nice beer, but it being organic does not make me want to have one more. And they ship it from Vermont, in bottles.

Oskar Blues has always used their can as a way of reducing their "carbon footprint". Again, I love Dale's, Gordon's and Ten Fidy, but it comes from Colorado. That is a long way to ship something to say that it is green. The best I can think of are local brewpubs. Straight off their tap. Reuseable kegs limit waste, I guess.

So, I guess the better question is, what beer hurts the environment less, compared to the others? I don't know that answer, and probably no one does.

What beer are you swilling today?

1 comment:

  1. I'm for saving the Earth as the next guy... but a beer's "carbon footprint" is at like #394 on the list of things I look for when choosing a beer.

    And to answer the last question - Southern Tier's Backburner.