Friday, January 14, 2011

Working my way through Christmas Gifts

I decided to go to the back of the fridge and grab this Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple.  This was a Christmas gift from my co-worker, and as it is 20 degrees outside, and we have Anchorman on the television- I felt it would be a good night to pop the cap.

The beer poured and orange (maybe burnt orange) color, with a small quarter inch head (I had to work to get that much).  Aroma is entirely based on sweetness and the belgian yeast.  No expectation of hop aromas, none found.

The initial taste (out of fridge,  cool/cold) was a sweet beer but showcasing a lot of the fruity yeast flavors.  The alcohol is well hidden, even though it clocks in at 10 percent.  Hopefully as it warms, it will bring forth a little more.

Second taste:  Leaving the beer warm a bit, the sweetness remains, as the yeast mellows.  Whether it is candy sugar or whatever, but the sweetness really tries to overpower the beer. 

The carbonation is perfectly in order, cutting through the sweetness to make this a very drinkable beer.  The beer is smooth, yet has a great body to it.  Even though the beer had no head retention, it is viscus enough to cling to the sides of the glass- resembling what would be looked for in a fine wine.*

Overall, I feel that this is a very drinkable beer.  Very enjoyable, and might be considered dangerously drinkable.  The only reason I would not suggest this beer, is if you are not a fan of sweeter Belgian beers.  Other than that, I would give it a try.

*I know very little about fine wines, but I think this is true.

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