Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coming back to where it started

I love living in our new house. I really do. But I miss the bar. I know that sounds like I am a drunk, but really, it is about comfort level. Walking into a place, sitting at the bar, ordering a pint.  Pure comfort.  Max's was the place that really transformed my "hobby" and has kept me searching for good beer.

Yesterday, I was able to stop into Max’s to see what was on tap.  Grabbed a pint of RJ Rockers Black Pearle (Black IPA) on cask- very good- and watched some Professional Bull Riding on the television. It was nice to grab a pint and check out the tap list.  I feel that I am behind the times.  Reading through the list, there were so many that I had not sampled.  I know that I will not be able to try all the beers in the world, but I want to try. 

I was able to sample the Sierra Nevada Hoptimum- very nice, huge hop in a glass. This beer (maybe because of the timing of the release) has been compared to HopSlam. If HopSlam is as good as this beer, it is worth the money.

Also poured into my glass was a small sample of BrewDog’s 1000 IBU.  This was a very bitter beer.  I would say that it was good, but the Hoptimum was much better. I also enjoyed the Stone Lukcy Basartd.  This completed the hop trio.  Lukcy Basartd was very good.  It was a bit different than the Hoptimum and 1000 IBU, as the malt came forward and presented through the bitterness- overall maybe the most drinkable of the three.

A trip to Max’s wouldn’t be complete without a couple of sours.  I was thrilled to see a Bahnhof Berliner Weisse on tap, as well as Rodenbach Classic.  Both lived up to my expectations.

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  1. I had a Hoptimum Sunday night and it was delicious. That said, Hopslam is even better IMHO.