Monday, January 3, 2011

What I did/didn't do in 2010

I am excited to say that not only did I get married in the past year, but I was able to share two great homebrews with our guests.  Without prompting them (I would have made most say it), many guests complimented our brews, and stated that they were surprised that we could produce such good (drinkable) beer.

Sometimes, I regret things.  After attending one of the greatest beer festivals in 2009 (Michigan Brewer's Guild Summer Festival), I vowed to get back for 2010.  I didn't make it.  This year's is a must make for me, even though my brother isn't living in Ann Arbor anymore, I am sure he is going and I can crash at one of his friends.

I was able to get to Max's Belgian Fest for the fourth consecutive year.  This annual display of all things that are good about Belgium, allowed me to experience many different brews and to become friends with many different people- despite the blizzard that prevented many from getting to the brews.

I missed out on two major events in Denver- 1) the Great American Beer Festival 2) Beer Bloggers Conference.  Hopefully, I will be able to attend the BBC 2011- making A Beer in Hand a powerful force to be reckoned with; and get to the GABF some time- this may be a few years off.

Finally, I was able to start homebrewing (solo).  I only got to one batch, which ended up being a great Pale Ale (Sierra Marietta); but the experience has me yearning for more.  This year has brought be back to the basic beers.  Giving me an appreciation of a well put together pale ale (sure it is basic, but way too many people don't make a good one), hefeweizen and stout.

What are you able to say you are proud of doing in 2010?

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  1. Glad to hear your first batch came out well! Mine gave me an absolutely horrible hangover. After a month or two sitting in the fridge it became drinkable.

    My biggest accomplishment was getting into all grain brewing. It makes such a difference and is a lot of fun. I just bought the grains for what I think is our 10th batch. Going to be a nice malty IPA! Im pumped.