Monday, January 17, 2011

Hopefully it was lout

Here is a story that can bring tears to your eyes:
Charges are pending against a 32-year-old Milwaukee man who was arrested after beating and smashed a truckload of beer with a metal pipe.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the attacker scolded the deliveryman Friday for bringing what he called 'poison' into his neighborhood. Police say several people took advantage during the altercation and stole beer from the deliveryman's truck.

Whether it was Neo-Prohibitionists, radical MADD or whomever, beer isn't illegal, but what you did, was.


  1. hmm...if i had to guess it was probably a MillerCoors truck...don't see many beer trucks other than Miller and Leinenkugel's around the city

    if that's the case, the guy had a point :-p