Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Hunt for Mad Elf

Mad Elf in the back of my car

I received a call from a friend.  He wanted to buy the case of Mad Elf a month ago, but forgot then went on vacation to Germany.  Now two days before having friends over for New Year's Eve, he wanted that case of Mad Elf.  But where is he going to get it.  Sure, you can find it easily when it comes out.  But two months later, the hunt was on.  A call to the brewery gave us a few leads.  The big case stores laughed at our inquiry.  Five, then six, then seven places told us no.  Finally, someone gave us a yes.  They had two cases, one had the name of another on it, and I placed my name on the last.  As far as I know, this was the only available case of Mad Elf east of State College, PA.

He is thrilled to get it.  The payoff for me, a bottle that he has had in his fridge, leftover from his case last year.  This is one beer that I really enjoy after a year.  I cannot wait to crack that open.  Look forward to a picture on NYE.

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