Monday, December 27, 2010

I Like Where I Work

I cannot say I have the absolute dream job (that, if course, would be working for a micro brewery), but I do enjoy going to work everyday and have some great co-workers.

This year, like every year, for the holidays, we five each other something small. As you can see from the picture, my co-workers graced me with a bottle of Lagunitas Imperial Stout and Anderson Valley Brother Jacob Triple. I returned the favor with a bottle of Delirium Nocturnam (wanted to give the Noel, but they were sold out) and Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti. Great gift exchange.

On the home front- my wife gave me a giftcard to my homebrew store. Cannot go wrong. I also sent out a couple of bottles of my first homebrew to my brother, accompanied with a bottle of Iron Hill Brewings 10th Anniversary barleywine.  I forgot to package up a bottle of the Troegs Splinter Black for my sister in law, who a) loves stouts b) just gave birth to my second niece- I think she could use a beer.

What were your beer gifts (given or received) this year?


  1. Well, I didn't get any good beer gifts for myself. However, coming home from DC after Thanksgiving, my wife and I made a stop in Philadelphia to look for some beer (since you guys get EVERYTHING). There is where I bought my wife her Christmas present (with her pointing it out to me). We picked up Russian River Damnation, Temptation, Consecration, and Supplication. All the Russian River beers we could find. Ridiculously expensive, but you can't get it anywhere else. So far, we have had the non-wild one, the Damnation (mmmmmm). The rest may be drank this week. And while I didn't actually receive these gifts, I am definitely allowed to sample them with the receiver (ie my wife). Win win I must say.

  2. I traded off with a cousin of mine. I gave her some homemade Lithuanian-style honey liquor that we have nicknamed "The Christmas," and bottle of Brewer's Art Res, and a Stillwater Autumnal.

    She returned the favor with what could very well be the last three bottles in existence of Potomac River Brewing! Wow, the first real craft beer I ever had...nice.

    Her former husband was the brewer there YEARS ago, and she recently found it the back of a very old (yet still functional) fridge. He would jigger the line to have some "partial fill" bottles when they were running low at home, with a wink and a nudge.

    Something like 15+ years in the chilled darkness, and the porter was still damn good.

    I'm not going to hold out as much hope for the raspberry, but's all good.

  3. @Barroomhero- that is very nice of you to give such awesome gifts, and nice of her to share. I have not had any RR stuff, but hope to at some point.

    @chwi- homemade Lithuanian honey liquor? sounds delicious. Always great to get a beer from the past. I always try to stop into my first brewpub whenever I get into town (Selin's Grove Brewing)- it means more than just the awesome beer.

  4. Jay, just drop me a line next time you think you'll be in the northeast Balto/White Marsh area - if I have any bottles left, you can have it.

    I'll just need the bottle back at some point for the next batch!

  5. My buddy and co-author brought over a big bottle of Bitches Brew for the Packer game last week. Fortunately (for me), he was driving so I got the majority of it. Haha

    How is Lagunitas? I've seen different types of it in the mixed-six selection at my local liquor store a lot, but always found something I was a little more confident about.

  6. @John Parker- I havent gotten into it yet. I will post an update