Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes favorite lists can be fun...

I just thought I would throw my 2 cents into the ring and let you know some of my favorite beers for Christmas time (generally speaking, the holiday season).  I consider these to be some of the best beers to come out around the holidays. I have not tried all of the holiday beers available, but from what I remember, these are what beers I have dancing in my head on Christmas eve.

  • Anchor Christmas Ale- a holiday tradition. Started in 1975, this has to be America's longest running Christmas beer (I did no research, but how could one be longer?).  The beer's recipe differs from one year to the next, as does the label- which features a different tree every year.  The beer is always very drinkable and very enjoyable.
  • Delirium Noel- This 10% bomb is what is needed on a cold winter's night.  The high abv is well hidden in the beer, which can easily lead to a empty bottle.  The calm spices make this beer enjoyable, and the ceramic coated bottle is a unique feature.
  • The Bruery 12 Days /Years of Christmas- There is just something about series, and these beers have been intriguing to me since they came out.  I love the unique ingredients added to make the name.  Two Turtle Doves used turtle chocolates, 3 French Hens was aged in French oak barrels- I cannot wait to see what they do for 12 Drummers Drumming.  The beers so far have been very good, with the Two Turtle Doves as my favorite.  If you see a bottle, you should pick it up.
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration- Who doesn't like Celebration?  Are there people out there?  Maybe one or two?  This is the beer that is easy to drink.  Not super high abv (6.5 % is still higher than 4% sessions), not spiced up, not a hop bomb, but a really nice drinking beer.  Now it is even labeled as a "fresh hop".  The hops and malt seem to work so well together.  One sip it is a ton of citrus hops, the next sip it features the nice malt.  Cannot go wrong.
  1. Scaldis (Bush de) Noel- the only beer that I put a number to.  I feel that this beer flies so far under the radar, it deserves some spotlight.  The above beers can be rattled off by beer geeks, most have tried them, all have heard of them- but when you ask if they tried Scaldis, many go blank.  This is the most drinkable 12% beer I know of.  It is sweet tasting with dark fruits and raisins.  Sure you can taste the booze (it is 12%), but the booze does not effect the mouthfeel.  I think it actually improves the taste, maybe thins the beer out a bit.  I don't know what it is about it, but everyone who I have had the pleasure of handing some to have all had the same comment.  Usually something like this, "Wow, that's a good beer".
So if you out looking at picking up some beers, maybe give this list a try.  Even better yet, give other beers that you have not heard of a try, they might become your favorite.

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