Friday, December 17, 2010

Beginning Homebrew DVD contest

Who doesn't like to win contests?  Who likes to homebrew, or is thinking about homebrewing? And finally, who would want to win an educational DVD that helps teach the steps to producing your own tasty brew?  Beginning Homebrew has given us a copy of their DVD to give out as a prize, and we would like to get the video out to someone who could use it (great cheap Christmas gift).

Contest Details:
To win a copy of this DVD, post a comment on this post, post a comment on A Beer in Hand's Facebook page's post about this contest or ReTweet the contest tweet (please list an email if posting a comment below).  The contest will take entries throughout the weekend, with a winner being drawn on Sunday evening.  Feel free to pass this on, the more people that are interested in the DVD the better, we might be able to get them to send us more.

Review of the DVD:

After watching this DVD, I have found that it is a very good informational video, that covers everything from sanitation to bottling.  Sure, you could YouTube all of the steps, but isn't it easier to just watch it all on one?  This video allows you to go step by step.  Maybe you are already reading one of the many homebrew books available, but want to see what they are talking about.  This video clearly shows each step in the process, making it easy for you to understand.

The video quality is good, not great, but the information is spot on.  The video is of one person talking, explaining each step of the homebrew process.  I am sure that experienced homebrewers can find some faults in the process (but I am not, so I find it educational), but they can find faults in everything from Papazian to Palmer.  This DVD package also comes with an additional CD-Rom that included a PDF of an instruction manual and flowchart, both are helpful as well.  I would recommend this DVD for the beginning brewer or someone that is trying to brew away from the Mr. Beer kit.  It would be fine for the experienced homebrewer, but they will not learn anything more than from what they already know from experience.


  1. This is great Jay Zeis! While my buddy Dunz and I have been brewing for over a year I think getting back to the basics is always a plus. Nice promotion!

    Also, thanks for following our blog, If you ever want to guest post or give us feedback feel free!

    Beer bloggers unite!


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  4. Hello brewers, that this Christmas will bring much happiness to all and many beers ...
    Happy Christmas ...........