Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Table is Set- Beer Bracket Championship

Edit: Sorry, I screwed up my beer/team matchup on the original post.  It has been corrected.

The match up for tomorrow night is set. Great Divide Yeti vs. Yuengling Traditional Lager. As fun of a match up as this is, the beers going head to head are a session-able lager vs. a big Imperial Stout.

The Imperial Stout Yeti is full of flavor, dark as night and American as it gets (after being blasted with hops). The Traditional Lager is a clean tasting, easy drinking lager from America's oldest brewery.

In this one, I am going with the youth and exuberance of a 9.5% Stout.  Great Divide Yeti for the win!


  1. well i'm sitting here with Red's coach White

  2. oh, well now post edit i look a right tit!!

    you can make it up to me by posting a bottle of the winner. ;)

  3. Yeah, I'm a moron. One day I will make no errors. I'll be drinking while watching tonight. Wish I would have picked up a bottle of Yeti to have a drink off.

  4. I am sure there are exceptions, but I would take a Yeti (or any of the variations) over pretty much anything . . . that would put me firmly on Team Yeti for this one!

  5. Thanks! This was exacly what I needed. Simple and easy!

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