Thursday, April 28, 2011

Progression in Columbia/Montour Counties

What I like to call, Back Home, there has been a rather explosion of beer in the past couple of years.  The weakening of the craft beer selection at Russels/ClancysKristies might have been a kick start to the strengthening at Harry's and the Capital.  The taps and bottles look much better.  No longer do you have to travel to Williamsport or Selinsgrove to get to a brewpub, you can find a few around Columbia and Montour counties.

Then came One Guy Brewing in Berwick (now Berwick Brewing), followed by Old Forge Brewing in Danville. Up next is Bloomsburg's first brewpub, Marley's.  This is a mini explosion, allowing many people to experience fresh, local brews.

NOW, we have even more news.  Turkey Hill Brewing (facebook page here) has opened up.  I have enjoyed their brews at the past couple of Taming of the Brews, and the construction of the brewpub has spurred interest.  I cannot wait to get to both Turkey Hill and Marleys (look for the reviews soon), and also for Purple Healer to become fully approved and sell their beer. 

The other big news in the area is that Old Forge will be installing a canning/kegging line.  They have rented warehouse space and bought equipment to brew/can/keg.  More info here.

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