Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beer Truffles

Brought to my attention by Taste of Baltimore, Parfections in Cockeysville has truffles infused with beer.  Made with Heavy Seas beer, they truffles cost 12 for $21.  You can order online or stop in their store.  It looks like I have found a new unique gift idea.  Now if only I remember.

From their website:

"Heavy Seas”
Unique Beer Infused Truffles
Parfections has joined with Heavy Seas Brewery to bring you unforgettable beer infused truffles.
Contact us for beer-infused truffle availability!

  • "Peg Leg" Truffle Imperial Stout combined with Dark Chocolate.
  • “Loose Cannon Ale” Truffle Citrusy hop character ale infused in white & dark chocolate with fresh orange zest.
  • Below Decks Truffle Malty Barley wine ale infused in dark chocolate.
  • Smoke on the Water Imperial smoked Porter blended in Dark Chocolate & Topped with a smoked sea salt.
  • Siren Noire Chocolate Stout blended in Dark Chocolate with roasted cacao nibs.
Other Beer Enthusiasts' Favorites
Parfections also blends unique truffles from other high quality beers available in the area. A must-try for the beer enthusiast!

  • Young’s Double Chocolate Stout Infused in Dark Chocolate and topped with roasted cacao nibs. 

  • Fuller’s London Porter Blended with Milk Chocolate. 

  • Stone Brewing Co. “Smoked Porter” Infused in Dark Chocolate and topped with a hickory smoked sea salt. 

  • Guinness Dark Chocolate infused with Guinness Stout and enrobed in Dark Chocolate


  1. I'm glad you're going to try them! I think they would be GREAT as a gift for a beer lover!

  2. I make these truffles. Most of my sweets contain beer of some sort and infused in fruit before I make the final sweet. They are quite tasty, even if I do say so, and extremely popular with anyone I have given them to. Even if they do take a lot of work.