Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Night Review

I grabbed the last of my Christmas presents, and placed it in the fridge. The Lagunitas Imperial Stout is an Unlimited Release, listed on Beer Advocate as 8.2%, but states on the bottle as 10+%. As the Lagunitas website says:
Having downed his forth Imperial Stout of theay, the wild eyed charlatan from Voldvostogniaky belched and hollered for the Czarina to enter his chamber and bend herself to his will. The economy was a wreck and revolt was just around the corner. Nicky the Czar dude was off playing soldier like any pale nobleman wioth a hemorrphagic skin condition would. Such were the final days of the old empire. Reactionary, decadent, sputnik, stroganoff, wierd, and drunk. But even as the proletariat countryside labored under inhuman conditions and a threat of being sent to futile war in the east, they wisely took the time to slam back an Imperial Stout or two. After all, life can be a real "suka", as they say in the old country. Big, black, bourgeois, bolshoy, belligerent, buxom, and scary - this is our version of the chaotic end of an era in a bottle.

Thanks for your trust, and as always:Think Globally, Drink Locally!!
Now on to the review:
Appearance: Dark dark brown.  Tan head.  Nice looking Imperial Stout.
Aroma: Initially hits the nose with a huge dose of coffee and roasted malts.  Searching can find a bit of vanilla and maybe some "dark fruits"- if you can find it.
Taste: Initial taste follows the nose, with the coffee and roasted malts being extremely prevelant.  The bitterness comes through at the end, to make sure that you don't forget about it.
Mouthfeel: Not too light, not to heavy.  Thought it would be a bit thinker, being a Imperial Stout. An observation, not a complaint.
Overall: This beer is nice and drinkable.  Carbonation is right inline with the malt/hops, and the alcohol (even thought a bit high) does not overshadow the rest of the beer.
Second thought (after it warmed): The beer tended to thicken up a bit, the mouthfeel improved, and the roasted malts overcame the coffee tastes to forefront.  After warming, a few esters came thought adding another dimension to the beer.

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