Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chimay vs Yuengling

Can a match up be more different than the second semi final game.  There is one, slight comparison.  Chimay and Yuengling are both breweries that started production in the 1800's.  Chimay (1862) is a trappist ale (brewed by monks), that uses the profits to sustain the monestary- the rest goes to charity.  Yuengling is a family run brewery, the oldest in the United States- born in 1829.

Chimay is know for it clean tasting belgian ales. They have their Red (Premiere, Rouge 7% avb), Blue (Grande Reserve, Bleue 9% abv), White (Cinq Cents, Blanche, 8% ) and Golden (Duree, 4.8%).  The red is my favorite, as the alcohol does not factor into the taste.  It is a well balanced, easy drinking ale.

Yuengling is know for its affordable, easy drinking and tasty Traditional Lager.  The brewery also produces different ales, but they have not spread like the lager.  The adjunct based lager has become popular due to its clean taste and affordability.  I love the lager; it has been a staple in my refridgerator since I became of age.  You would be hard pressed to find someone who would turn it down.  It isn't the top lager, but it is good non the less.

Overall in the matchup, I cannot see where people would turn down a Chimay.  The taste overwhelms the lager.  But watch out, Yuengling has been full of surprises this year.

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