Monday, May 18, 2009

Playing Catch Up.

Last Thursday, I did the normal McGovern's, and I drank some Duvels. Still a good choice.

Saturday night is where the fun was though. In the afternoon, I placed my bottle of Brooklyn Local 1 in the fridge. We were watching a movie, so I thought it would be the best time to pop the cork. I still am reeling over this beer. I really liked it, but am trying to place it. It is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale. For me, the best Belgian Strong is Pauwel Kwak. I like sweetness, malt and a good hop balance.

Here is what I will go with: The beer poured a earthy color, not orange or brown, but maybe a mix of both. The smell was some sweet citrus, but a lot of yeasty aromas. The taste was a good mixture of malt, hops, and spices, but I felt the yeasty taste was a bit too much. Overall, the beer was very good. I would drink it again, and would enjoy it. If I had my choice, I would go with Kwak or Brewer's Art Ozzy, but would never turn Local 1 down.

Up next for this week, Brooklyn Local 2. Anyone have either of these two beer? How far off was I on the Local 1?

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