Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pint Night

Last night, Max's beer du jour was from Starr Hill out of Charlottesville, VA. I had their Northern Lights IPA. Nice beer. Poured orangy amber, with a bit of head. Smell of citrusy hops. Tasted mild bitterness with a little malt. Finished dry, hops hung around. It was nothing special, but definately a beer I would grab again.

After the Northern Lights, I grabbed a Hop Hog from Lancaster. (I tried to compare the Starr Hill to something.) The Hop Hog is a bit sweeter for an IPA (I haven't had one in a while, kind of forgot). The hop bitterness eventually pushed through, but not enough in my opinion.

Next, I had a Witkap Pater Dubbel. The bartender argued with me when I said this, but it smelled and had a slight taste of grape koolaid. It took me a little until I figured that out, but that is what I tasted. This could be due to having a Starr Hill and Hop Hog beforehand, but I wouldn't those would make that result. Anywho, it is a great tasting brew.

Anyone else have any of these beer? Can you back me up on the grape koolaid?


  1. Hmm.

    I will say that I love grape Kool-Aid and even enjoy it in beers, I pick it up occasionally, usually with a dubbel but my favorite beer that carries a hefty dose of that flavor:

    Westvleteren 12

    Just good luck getting any :(

  2. Someday I will be able to taste that sweet nectar. Someday