Thursday, May 14, 2009

Celebration (2007)

Max's Pint Night/American Craft Brewers Week

Pint of the Night- Sierra Nevada

I sat down, and was pleased to see the beer list. Too many that I wanted, what should I go for. I chose to begin with a Troeg's Scratch #18- Rye IPA. I tried to have Eric pick up a case for me a bit back, but they were out. I am glad I was able to try it yesterday. Initially it had that sweet spiced smell that I was kind of expecting. Knowing Troegs, I kind of thought that it would be a bomb, but it wasn't. The ryeness and an earthy sweetness balance everything out. I could have had it a little more bitter, but overall it was a solid beer. Now I am really mad I was unable to get a case.

My second beer came courtesy of the Sierra Nevada rep. (To be fair, I had already ordered it, and would have grabbed it first if it wasn't for the Scratch.) Sierra Nevada Celebration. "In May?" one would ask. Apparently, Casey (the beer genius) kept a couple of kegs around (since 2007!). Pleasant surprise from one of my top beers. The "aged" keg poured a little darker, with less head and less carbonation. Where this beer stood out, was how the hops really blended within the spices. You could still get the spice out of it, and you could get the hops (it is Sierra Nevada), but they meshed together so well. Brilliant idea Casey. I was glad I was there.

I tried two other beer that I cannot exclude. First of which was a Hop Stoopid from Lagunitas. Many people have had and loved this beer. What made this special. Cask. The taste and smell were extremely hoppy. But about a foot from my nose, the pine hit me. The pine was so prevalent I was searching for the hops in it. The pine was still overpowering (for me) in the taste. It took me a sip or two to appreciate this beer. I am glad I took my time. Even though the pine was upfront and foremost, there was a myriad of grapefruit, hops and other citrusy nodes in the beer. Great stuff.

The final beer that I had was from a new brewery named Evolution, out of Delmar, DE. I had their pale ale, and it was just a simple beer. I can't compare it to the others that I had. Hopefully, this brewery catches on and I can try it on a more even ground.

What else is out there?

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  1. Sounds like you chose wisely.

    I had some great brews the first night of the fest and can't WAIT for what's to come tomorrow night (Stone Brewing and Dogfish Head being represented) and Sunday (Southern Tier!!!!!!) Between the trips to Max's Friday and Sunday and Saturday's BBQ at Clipper City, this might be the greatest "beer" weekend to-date!