Saturday, August 1, 2009

Growlers (AKA Balto Taphouse)

I decided to have a go at the Baltimore Taphouse today (formerly known as Growlers). Marty, the Thrusday bartender at McGoverns, works there on the weekend, and he had the Saturday day schedule, so I thought I would make a visit.

I love the Taphouse, because of their selection. I grabbed an Allagash White, then a Brooklyn Summer, then an Anchor Steam and finally a Sierra Nevada Saison Brown. I wasn't disappointed by any of the beers that I had.

To top it off, I grabbed a growler to go. I wanted the Brooklyn Summer, but it tapped out as my growler was being filled. I told Marty it wasn't a problem, as it was only me drinking it tonight (she doesn't drink beer). So it was a glorious Saturday afternoon.

Cheers, what are you having this weekend?

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