Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas beers

Christmas time is a cheerful time of year. The stockings are hung, the tree didn't fall over (my brothers did!), and we gave presents to their recipients.

One of my favorite things to give is good beer. To my co-workers, I was able to give a Lump of Coal stout, Achilles Christmas Angel, St Bernardus Christmas ale and Fantome Noel. My coworker gave me a bottle of a Belgian Christmas ale (when I look at the bottle closer, I will edit).

For christmas eve, I opened a can of Brewers Art Resurrection- sure, it's a better Easter beer, but it is so good I couldn't resist picking up a six pack.

Bottles and cans of beer are just a few good beer presents. I have in the past got my brother a custom six pack holder- which made his homebrew friends instantly jealous. If you know someone interested, a homebrew starter kit is also an option. For under 100 bucks, you can give them a lifetime hobby. This year, I gave my brother a Hop Randall- which is basically a converted water filter, that instantly dry hops a beer, right before it gets to the cup, a pleasent surprise for any hophead.

Brewery t-shirts and other brewvana are good gifts as well. I love my t-shirts, pint glasses, growlers and posters. Serching yard sales during the summer can also be fruitful.  I have seen old growlers, old wooden beer cases, or other Beervana that is waiting for a good new home. If you know and need some gifts for homebrewers, you could have found a cooler and convert it to a mash tun for not too much more.  There are a million little things out there that any beer geek or homebrewer would love.

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