Monday, December 5, 2011

The Session #58- A Christmas Carol

This month's episode of The Session is hosted by BeerSay:
The idea for me was based loosely around the visits of three ghosts to Ebenezer Scrooge, but relayed in a post about the beers of Christmas past, present and future.

What did you drink during Christmas holidays of old, have you plans for anything exciting this year and is there something you’d really like to do one day, perhaps when the kids have flown the nest?
Our family doesn't do much for drinks during Christmas proper, but I taken to grabbing a bottle for Christmas Eve.  The first that I celebrated with my then girlfriend, I brought along a bottle of the newly bottled Brewer's Art Ozzy.  My favorite of theirs, although Resurrection is delicious.
This year, I plan on taking and opening a couple bottles of homebrew (maple porter and Belgian pale ale) as well as something a bit special- maybe one of the BrewDog Abstrakt beers. 
In the future, my goal is to get my father in law to try one of the more exotic beers- sure he likes Yuengling and Boston Lager, but I know I can pull him into pale ales and some of the other lagers.


  1. Not tried Resurrection nor Abstrakt even though I can get the latter pretty easily, too many beers not enough cash… Enjoy it, hope the conversion goes well ;)

    Cheers Phil

  2. HI Jay

    Here's a link to last months round up of Decembers which I hosted over in my blog Beersay. Thanks again for posting.

    Session #58 A Christmas Carol - Final round up

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