Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flying Dog Raging Bitch vs River Horse Tripel Horse

The second Elite Eight game of the day is Flying Dog's Raging Bitch versus River Horse's Tripel Horse- a number 1 seed versus a number 2 seed. 

Flying Dog makes some great beer, and get another plus being a local beer for me.  The Raging Bitch has been a favorite of mine ever since Flying Dog released it.  An IPA made with Belgian yeast, the Raging Bitch is smooth and delicious.  This is a great beer to drink any day of the week.

River Horse is a brewery from New Jersey, who in the last couple of years has started to produce some quality beer.  I have had some very good beer from them (their Double White Belgian Style Ale is absolutely delicious) and some bad beer (just had their Belgian Freeze winter seasonal- very forgetful).  I think the Triple Horse is a very good beer, that is comparable to style. 

I am rooting for the Raging Bitch, but I wouldn't put it past the Tripel Horse to get past them.

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