Monday, March 15, 2010

Beer Bracket 2010

Here is this year's Beer Bracket.  Each beer will follow the team that takes its place on the NCAA basketball tournament.  Throughout the tournament I will be sampling some of these beers and posting my thoughts on the beer and the team for which the beer represents.  (I will not get to all of them, feel free to post your thoughts in a comment or shoot me an email and I will post it as a blog post.)

Let me know what you think of the bracket, my beer selections, omissions and what else you would have liked to see on the bracket- I have forgotten many of the good beers out there, so remind me, there is still time to change them up.

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  1. Oops, now that I'm zoomed out I see it. Never mind!

  2. I've never had it but... Jolly Pumpkin La Roja is going deep. You can put your money on it.

  3. beers u may have missed;
    Samuel Adams Boston Lager
    Samuel Adams Honey Porter
    Chimay Triple (or any)
    Kastel Rogue, or Triple
    Sierra Nevada (Barley Wine) (or any, ie; Pale Ale, Wheat)
    Voodoo Vador
    Magic Hat No.9
    that's just a few. i can't think of any more right now.

  4. Nothing from 3 Floyds???

  5. Anonymous- I tried to keep it with one beer per brewery. (Sierra Nevada has Torpedo; I replaced #9 with their Sour- I was thrilled with it this year and felt it needed to get placed; I didn't feel like any of the Sam Adams beers stood out to me, I feel like their product is going downhill)

    My apologies to the Chimay, it was on there, I took it off to move it to a higher seed, but then must have forgot to put it back on. I will reward Chimay with a super High seed next year, as well as a review in the next couple of weeks.

    With Voodoo Vador and Railbender, I have had the Railbender, but it has been a bit since I had it, and haven't had the Voodoo Vador, so I left them off, as I tried to keep it beers that I have had (also why beers from New Belgium, Russian River or other west coasters aren't on the list).

    Hopefully by next year, I will have been able to try many more beers and get bracket up of all new beers tried.

  6. Rob- I haven't been able to try 3 Floyds yet. This will end, as my brother moved to Chicago and my visits will consist of 3Floyds and Goose Island.

    Thanks to Anonymous and Rob for the suggestions- they are noted and appreciated.

  7. Anything from New Glarus? Spotted Cow, Naked, Yokel or any of the Unplugged brews?

  8. Any of the Great Lakes Beers, if you haven't tried them yet you should, and it's not because I'm from Cleveland that I think they're good. Also Honkers or 312 out of Chi-town?

  9. No La Fin Du Monde? Nothing from Founders? Stille Nacht would have been a better choice from De Dolle. A great list all and all though. Not a macro in the bunch, well except for Yuengling. This would be fun to actually try, if you could find a bar in PA that actually had all of these varieties. ;^)

  10. Some quality northeast breweries worth exploring for later editions: Otter Creek/Wolaver's Organic & Harpoon.

    A bit disappointed to see major commercial breweries such as Yeungling & Bud on there.

    An excellent stout to include - Young's Double Chocolate.

  11. New Glarus, Great Lakes, Founders are all tough to get in Maryland.

    Didn't think about La Fin Du Monde- great beer.

    I love most beers from De Dolle, but the Mad Bitch has a special place in my heart.

    Yuengling is the first beer I had, another special place.

    Otter Creek/Wolavers and Harpoon are all good beers, but there are only a certain amount of spots on the bracket. I look forward to having more of their beers to get them on the Bracket next year.

  12. Also Note- the Budweiser on the list is the Czech company that is delicious, and no where near as bad as the American macro of the same name.

  13. House of 1000 Beers in New Kensington, Pa has 32 of your bracket beers in stock and 30 great beers on tap, check them out

  14. Very happy to see Kwak as a #1 seed.

  15. Where's Victory Storm King? don't have the sack for an imperial stout?

  16. I love Storm King, but Hop Wallop is my favorite Victory Brew. Old Rasputin is probably the best Imperial Stout I have ever tasted, and it has rightfully made its way to the sweet 16