Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anderson Valley is being sold

According to the North Bay Business Journal, Anderson Valley Brewing Company is being sold to an "industry verteran".

Anderson Valley Brewing Co., maker of craft beers Boont Amber Ale and Hop Ottin’ IPA, today announced it reached a definitive purchase agreement with HMB Holdings LLC, new company led by a former beer marketing company executive.
Anderson Valley was started by Ken Allen, who build the brewery from the ground up to what it has become today.  I love some of their offerings, even giving Brother Jacob Dubbel a spot in this years Beer Bracket.  Hop Ottin' IPA is also considered a favorite by many IPA fans.

About HMB Holdings LLC: (From
HMB Holdings LLC is owned and managed by Trey White, a fifteen year veteran of the alcoholic beverage industry. Through his role as executive vice-president at United States Beverage, Mr. White worked with a variety of fast growing successful American craft beers including Goose Island, Rogue, Ipswich and SLO as well as selected imports including Grolsch from Holland. HMB will retain the current brewing and production facilities at Anderson Valley Brewery while expanding the sales and marketing capabilities.

Best of luck to both Ken Allen and HMB Holdings LLC!

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