Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Pint Night

I did the normal Wednesday night pint night down at Max's.  I have been fortunate this week to have a great beer week with the Siren Noire (Heavy Seas) beer social and then a good Wednesday pint night.  The beer tonight was Moosehead, which was not the highlight.  The highlight was the rest of the list.  Max's still has some great Belgians left on tap and I was pleased to partake of a few (even though they have the Siren Noire still on cask, which is great, I went with others on tap).

After the Moosehead, my friend convinced me (ok, she just mentioned it) to have a La Trappe Isid'or (Trappist Ale).  Such a good beer.  This is the type of beer that makes me extremely happy to love beer. 

After the La Trappe, I gave the Haanbryggerier IPA (Norwegian IPA) a whirl.  I must say that it was a disappointment.  I like big, bold IPAs.  This just wasn't it.  The best I can describe the beer is tangy.  The beer was just not was I was expecting (I must admit that I was looking hop bomb).  It just didn't do it for me.  I will give this beer another chance when I have an open mind.

After the Haanbryggerier, I needed something that I knew I would like.  I went with the Beer of the Year, Flying Dog's Raging Bitch.  This beer soothed my south, and allowed me to get back on track.  Thank you, Flying Dog.

I was looking to leave, but after striking up a conversation with an out-of-towner, I decided to grab another.  The beer that I chose was a De Regenboog Vuuve (Belgian Wit).  I was thinking about going with the Lagunitas Dogtown Pale on cask, but changed my mind (I have already had that).  I was thrilled that I changed my mind.

The Vuuve was a delicious, refreshing beer that allowed me to finish off a nice night (that included the queso dip, courtesy of my friend who joined me). 

What are you drinking tonight? What should I get out there and try?

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