Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Surpirse Beer

When I walk into my local beer bar, I look to find something good to drink. Simple enough. I usually try 2 or 3 beers, looking for something I expect, something I have heard was good but did not try yet, and finally a surprise. The surprise might be a beer that I have wanted to try, or a beer that just sounds cool.

Recently, I was in the bar and a beer caught my eye. I didn't know whether to try it or not, but I thought, what the heck. When the beer came, I was surprised at the color, aroma, taste and overall feeling of this beer. It is the pleasent feeling that keeps me trying good beers and bad beers.

I had a Magic Hat the other day at Max's and I was blown away by it. I am not the biggest fan of the Vermont Brewery. Roxy Rolles and Blind Faith are ok, and I could do without #9 or Circus Boy. But the other day I sampled their America Sour, their winter Odd Notion. I was stunned, I didn't know what to say other than it was different, in a good way.

Now, I like sour beers. I will partake in a Rodenback Grand Cru a couple times a year (I claim it is my favorite). And I am thrilled to have a couple of Jolly Pumpkin, Brett is always welcome in my fridge, so I was skepicle when I saw the American Sour. But I was wondering if this might be the Magic Hat beer that I could rave about. And I think it was.

Your memory of a surprise beer may be good or bad. The beer may be a style that you do not normally like, but now is a favorite. Or the beer may be a favorite style, from a brewery that normally produces great stuff, but it was a turnoff. The beer may have made the brewery out to be a bad, or, as in my case, turned me onto a brewery that I haven't really liked in my short beer drinking life.

I was thrilled and almost giddy over this beer. I want to hear your thoughts and feelings (highs and/or lows).  Did this beer change your thoughts on a brewery or style. Has your tastes changed?

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