Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Beer Eve Party

I like to turn ordinary "party" nights into info sessions.  Beer Info.  The best kind. The night started about 1 PM when we loaded the car to run home before the snow and ice could affect the ride.  This lead me to make quick decisions on what beers to grab.  I was happy with my selection.  The valuable cargo consisted of a bottle of He'Brew Jewbelation 13 and Scaldis (Bush) Noel.

We got home in time for a shower and nap before the beginning of the drinking.  After arriving at our friend's house, and convincing them to turn the temperature above 55 degrees, I popped open my first brew.  I wanted to start with something simple and clean tasting.  Brewer's Alley Pilsner it is.  It is a great tasting pilsner that is not offensive to future beers.  Nice way to start the night.  After a round of two of Yuengling, central PA- you must drink Yuengling, we decided to see what the Jewbelation 13 holds for us.

Right from the pour you could tell it was special.  We weren't too sure whether that is a good special or a bad special, but it was special.  The darkness to it (reminded us of Old Engine Oil) scared off a couple of friends who try crafts, but rarely drink to the extent of some of us. The sweet smell gets a kick in the behind by the alcohol, you can definitely tell it is 13%.  The taste is sweet from the get-go, fading away as it goes down.  Again, the alcohol is very present, and a slight touch of bitterness comes alive.  The beer leaves a slight coating in your mouth, like a fine liquor.  I would go for another drink of Jewbelation (I poured a second helping from the bottle), as long as I am not driving.

We gave it a rest, and went back to our 4.5% Yuengling, fulling knowing the Scaldis would be coming up soon.  And the time came.  Scaldis is one of my favorite christmas beers, and something I look forward to every year.  The Scaldis poured much lighter than the He'Brew did.  This also gives off a sweet, alcoholy smell, but a better balance between the two.  Upon tasting, I find the major difference to be the bit of carbination breaks the beer up, and makes it an easier drink.  The sweetness and very slight hop character to it.  The spices are aligned and do not overpower the beer.  Still the sweet caramel taste remains, without the major alcohol taste (unlike the Jewbelation).  This beer is easily drinkable, and I force myself to a limit of one bottle when I go shopping. Great beer.

After a 13% and 12% beer, I stayed on the Yuengling train.  I was inclined to bring my Bell's Sparkling Ale for midnight, but it was forgotten.  I had that a few days later, and it was an absolutely delightful triple, with a bit more carbination than usual (for a triple), it was a sparkling ale. Very nice beer.

I hope you had a pleasant New Beers Eve, and can share your story as well.

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  1. Jewbelation13 might be the best bang for the buck as far as craft beer goes. 13% ABV for so cheap (and tasty!), pretty awesome.

    My New Year's Eve beer was Flying Dog's 20th anniversary beer, "Raging Bitch". I had a big 750mL bottle of it and nobody wanted to split it with me, so she was alllllll mine!! Tasty freakin beer.

    Hope to see you out at the Twitter happy hour later this month!