Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Boy, what a beer.

I was given this can of Red Oval Classic Lager.  Apparently you can buy it for 50 cents a can at Trader Joes.  It does not surprise me.  This beer poured a beautiful pale straw color.  Smelled, tasted and felt like a crappy American adjunct lager.  Which it was.

Made by Minhas Craft Brewery (I assume they say craft because the would be smaller) in Monroe, Wisconsin, I would bet that this is one of the beers that gets poured down the drain at frat parties.

Amusing to me is that this brewery was build (on its present site) in 1845, as the Monroe Brewery.  And survived Prohibition by making near beer, ice cream and other tricks of the trade that breweries did to make money (I have always accepted that they just sold beer out the back door). 

The brewery was bought in 2006 by an aspiring (my assumption) younger guy (he is a 2005 college grad), Ravinder Minhas.  I am sure that getting the beer into the market place (Trader Joe's) is a step in the right direction, if only they were to produce a higher quality beer.  But if the price is right, it will be sold.  Hopefully, they will be able to realize that quality is more important than price point. 

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