Friday, June 26, 2009

Typical Thursday

Went down to McGovens, where there was not surprise as I grabbed a few Duvels. Always good, always delicious.

This made me think of a blog post I read the other day. I cannot remember who wrote it, and I apologize for it. The post was talking about how Duvel and other common Belgians are becoming a cool beer. The very basic beer is making people feel as if they are drinking something exotic. I can understand what this writer was saying. There are bigger and better beers out there. But I feel the people need the gateway into the world of beers. If they really like Duvel or even US pretenders (Shock Top/Blue Moon) hopefully some bartender somewhere will turn them onto a real Belgian that is comparable. This will lead them to trying other beers and eventually broadening their horizons.

When I find the initial article, I will clarify the post and make everyone else understand where I am coming from on this. If you know of the article, or wrote it, please let me know.

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