Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jack's... again (no complaints)

I was able to go to Jack's Bistro tonight, but this time the food was on the works tab. I was excited to get another Witkap, but when I got there, it wasnt on the list (asking for it anyways didnt work either). I settled for a Clipper City Red Sky at Night. It is another good beer. I think I gave my thoughts on this beer earlier, so I will spare you, if I didn't I will post them in another post.

Best part of the night was the hostess approaching me after I requested the Witkap, which wasnt on tap. She told me the chef (as well as owner) overheard my request, and would like to suggest another beer. He was spot on. La Trape Dubbel- Koningshoeven- was a delicious brew. This belgian style double is brewed in The Netherlands- who would have thought it. It is a nice complex. crisp beer that works its way through the malt. As it gets a little warmer, you can taste the different malt levels. I took in some caramel before the clove and spices finished off the beer. Nice stuff, thank you Jacks!

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