Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Beer Bucket List

I guess you could say this thought was inspired by Norman Miller's blog post. He gave one line, that made me think, "There are so many beer adventures that I want to do and things that I want to experience." This is true on so many levels.  Overall in my life, there are many adventures that I want to do and things that I want to experience. 

I have been blessed to have been able to attend some great (and fun) beer related events or places: the inaugural Baltimore Beer Week events, Max's Belgian Festival, Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Fest, a freezing cold Troeg's Splinter Black release, Taming of the Brews, attended many brewpubs (though no where near as many as my brother), had a beer at The Masters, started homebrewing, et cetera. I have been able to enjoy way more great beers than I can list.  Way too many styles to think about, way to many breweries to remember.

So this quick post might as well be my Beer Bucket List of things that I want to do or try:

Major release party, Dark Lord Day or the like
Visit Europe and drink Belgians and Germans from the source
Get to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver
Go on a SoCal beer trip, NorCal Beer trip and Portland beer trip
Take and pass the Cicerone test (would love to become a Master, but probably not going to happen)
Volunteer for a brewery at a beer festival (I want to see what the other side sees)
Help plan a beer fest charity fundraiser
Attend Philly Beer Week events
Sample some Russian River
Brew a tasty .5% beer
Brew a tasty 10+% beer
Brew All-Grain with the proper set up
Use "wild" yeast in a beer
Get the rest of the equipment for kegging (we have the corny kegs)
Win an award in a homebrew contest

What would you have on your list?


  1. How about a FULL bottle of each of Westvletern's beers, instead of having to split someone's carefully procured bottle with 25 of his closest friends?

  2. I'd love to partner with a professional brewer to design a beer and brew it on a large scale.

  3. @AMIV- I had a bottle of Westy 8 at my wedding. I have a bottle of 12 waiting for November 14

    @Sanjay- that too would be awesome

  4. Wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, Jay!