Friday, July 1, 2011

The Session #53- Redemption

This month's issue of The Session is brought to you by John Holl's Beer Briefing:

One thing about drinking a lot of beer is that occasionally you’re going to have a bad one. Perhaps it was infected or spoiled by light. Perhaps the brewer or brewery was new and still working out the kinks on a particular style. Regardless, you couldn’t finish the beer in your glass and moved onto the next one...
With the above in mind, my topic this month is Beer Redemption.
I am not afraid to say that I am not a fan of Magic Hat. Pre-sell out, post-sell out, whatever. I have told this to bartenders, friends, random people and even their sales rep.  Some of their beer to me, just isn't very good. Some of it is downright awful. Sure it isn't a disgusting macro light lager, but #9 isn't a beer that I order at the bar.

But you know what? I always try out their Odd Notion series. Why? Redemption.  It can be hit or miss, but I am always looking for their hit. Winter 2009, not good- it was supposed to be a wild ale, and it just wasn't wild enough for me. Spring 2010 was pretty good.  An wheat pale ale that was sufficient.  But what stands out to me was the Green Apple Wit (either summer for fall 2010).  This beer was unique, intriguing and I really enjoyed drinking it. This type of experience is what brings me back to try another. But wait! Where are the 2011 Odd Notion beers? I haven't seen one yet.  Maybe like magic, they disappeared.

They have come out with the IPA on Tour. In it comes Blind Faith (not an overpowering IPA, but one that helped get me started into my love of hops- then it disappeared). I am thankful that they brought back this beer, but they took their most creative beers away.  Hopefully they can come out with some beer that brings them a bit of redemption.


  1. Jay,

    Is it the quality of the beers you don't like or the recipe formulations?

    +1 on the Odd Notion and IPA On Tour series. I love that beer drinkers have made a market for the experimental beers. Without them, new offerings would be stagnant.



  2. I would say that it deals with the recipe. Just a little off on my tastes. I can go with crazy stuff like Wacko and accept it, but other than Blind Faith (their best IPA- maybe I need cascade in my IPA(?), HiPA is ok) and Vinyl (gotta love and easy drinking clean springtime lager), their stuff is just off on my tastes.

    It wouldn't stop me from grabbing on from a cooler at a buddy's house, just not something that I grab for mine (unless big party going on, their variety case can cover all bases- have to give them props on that).